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Pilot project looks to make AI course dated 5.6.23

DEHRADUN/NEW DELHI: From computers to make education available in these subjects to the blind and visually impaired students in the format of .braille books so that they can mix traditional ways of learning with epublications and even audio props. Music course books for school students will also be made available in braille soon, reports Ambika Pandit .

Dehradun-based   National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with  Visual Disabilities (NIEPVD), in a pilot  project, hopes to introduce the master textbooks on AI in  raille and large print for students of classes 9-10 by July. 

Meanwhile, in a larger outreach the central government has  decided to expand the ambit of work assigned to braille  presses under the purview of the scheme of the Department of  Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities to print books in  braille. It has also been decided to provide textbooks in  braille to visually impaired students under the open school   system.

The Braille Press in-charge, Mohd Iqtedar  Iqtedar Ahmad, says he is looking forward to the experience  of printing books on AI as part of the pilot project in the   weeks ahead. Amit Kumar Sharma, the acting principal of the  Model School for Visually Handicapped at NIEPVD, says he has assigned his team the task to work on converting the AI course prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education under the skill development component for Classes 9-10 into braille format. “Information Technology as an option has been a success with our students and now we want to enable them to pursue AI in the ongoing academic session,” Sharma said