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New teachers must have knowledge of Braille 25.7.2022

BEd and  DElEd students will be compulsorily given information about initial knowledge of Braille and Sign Language.

In this way, at least 10 thousand teachers will be trained in elementary knowledge in the entire state. In the programme organized at ICF Ashram Bhopal, Director of State Education Center Dhanraju S said that teachers from all the districts of the state and mobile resource consultants were addressing the training session of Braille script and sign language.

He said that all the officers of the State Education Center would also be given one-day training in the initial knowledge of Braille script and sign language. Director Dhanaraju gave a target of imparting knowledge of Braille script and sign language to five other teachers and five children from each trainee.

Under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, training in Braille script and sign language is being conducted by the State Education Center for two teachers and two mobile resource consultants each from all the districts of the state till July 26. 104 teachers and 104 mobile resource consultants of the state were present in the training.

The trainees expressed their views and said that such training has never been taken by them. Through the training, they will be capable of teaching the visually impaired children in Braille script. By understanding the Indian sign language of the hearing impaired children, they are able to have the ability to teach these children too.

Several TLMs in Braille script were demonstrated in front of the State Education Center officials. Sign language plays were also performed by the trainees during the training. It explained how a hearing impaired child is enrolled in school.

All participants were able to solve everyday language problems faced by visually impaired and hearing impaired children. RTE Controller Ramashankar Tiwari, Controller of State Education Center Inclusive Education Dr. RS Tiwari and Coordinator Dr. Pradeep Malviya were also present on this occasion