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Announcement of National Scholarship for Students with Disabilities for the year 2017-18

With a view to provide educational opportunities to students with disabilities

Department of Empowerment of persons with Disabilities has been implementing the following scholarship schemes for their empowerment through education:




Course covered

No. of scholarships per year

parental income ceiling per annum(Rs)

Rate of scholarships

How to apply


Pre-metric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Class IX & X


2 lakh

Monthly Maintenance allowance of Rs350 for day scholars and Rs600 for hostellers plus book and adhoc grant and other allowances like transport allowance, reader allowance etc.,

These three scholarship schemes are being implemented through National Scholarship portal. Apply online on National Scholarship portal (www.scholarships.gov.in) you can apply online from 1st June 2017. The last date of submission of applications areas below


Fresh  aplicant

Renwal Applicant




post metric



Top Class  education





Post-metric Scholarship for students with Disabilities

Class XI to Masters Degree or Diploma level


2.50 lakh

There are different rates for post –Graduate, Graduate, Diploma, professional courses leading to degree diploma etc in different disciplines. It ranges from Rs650-1200 p.m. for hosteller and Rs.400-550 p.m. for day scholars plus Tuition fee (maximum ceiling Rs1.50 lakh per annum) book allowance and other allowance like transport allowance, reader allowance, etc are also admissible


scholarship for Top class Education for Students with Disabilities

post-Graduate Degree or Diploma in 240 notified institutions of excellence


6.00 lakh

Monthly maintenance allowance of Rs 3000/- for hostellers Rs.1500/- for day scholars, Rs2000/- per month disability allowance, book grant Rs.5000/- per annum and tuition fee upto Rs2 lakh per annum


National Overseas scholarship for students with Disabilities

Master’s Degree and Doctorate degree in foreign universities abroad


6.00 lakh

Pound (Great Britan) 9,900 per annum for UK and US $15,400 for other countries, plus tuition fees, contingency allowance cost of air passage, etc.

The proforma for submission of applications is given in the website of this department i.e. www.disabilityaffairs.gov.in Applications may be submitted in the prescribed proforma to Under Secretary (Scholarships). Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. The last Date 31st August 2017


National Fellowship for persons with disabilities



No income ceiling

Monthly Rs25,000/- for (first two years) and contingency grant, escort allowance/reader allowance and House Rent Allowance (at applicable rates)

Selection is done by the University Grants Commission. The candidates may like to apply in the UGC’s website at ugc act in as and when applications are invited by UGC No applicant on is required to be sent to Department of Empowerment of persons with Disabilities

All the above scholarship schemes are applicable to students with disabilities with more than 40% disabilities and having a proper disability certificate to this effect issued by a competent medical authority, Disability is as defined in Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016. for further details about the scholarship schemes please visit : www.disabilityaffairs.gov.in