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Udaan Idol (Musical Talent Hunt).

Radio Udaan, in collaboration with Mitrajyothi , Patrol sun glasses, Blind’s Dream and NIEPVD presents an astounding opportunity to those who firmly believe in their musical flair. Do you believe that music is with you? Do you believe that you have the mellifluous voice that can mesmerize the music lovers? Is singing is your passion? In addition to that, are you disabled and want apt recognition to your talent? Well, Udaan Idol is there for you!

What is Udaan Idol? 

As aforesaid, Udaan Idol is a music talent hunt show where the winners will be determined by the method of short listing as per performance in each round. The top 3 Udaan Idols will be selected from the 12 short listed singers at the live grandfinale and will be honoured with the following reward.

  1. First prize INR. 31,000 and a musical instrument.
  2. Second prize INR. 21,000 and a musical instrument.
  3. Third prize INR. 11,000and a musical instrument.

The entire segment will be webcasted on Radio Udaan .

How Can You Become Udaan Idol

    If you are a person with disability and a music lover with a passion to sing, you are the one we are looking for. You just have to pass 3 rounds of selection to stand at the grand stage as Udaan Idol and win exciting prizes.

1st Round:

     Your talent exhibition begins with your registration on www.radioudaan.com within a stipulated period of time. all the performers must upload the song sung by them with plain voice (without mixing, music or BGM). Such recording must possess sthai and antra (an opening and stanza) of the hindi song it might be a gazal, filmy or non-filmy  song. If you are shortlisted, congrats! You are just 2 steps from becoming the Udaan Idol!

2nd round:

     In the second round, the same Sthai and Antra procedure will be followed where the shortlisted candidates can upload their voice “one sthai and one antra” with music tracks, or BGMs or Instruments within a stipulated period of time. if you are the top 12, congrats! You have just one step ahead to stand at the grand stage.

3rd Round:

     Welcome! This is where the confluence of talents at its best. The top 12 candidates will be informed of the date, time and venue where they have to perform in person at the Udaan Idol live grandfinale. The best 3 performances will be selected and conferred 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Note: Registration starts from 15th April 2017 and ends on 15th May 2017for Udaan Idol first round.

“Come on, lets make your voice be heard by the universe”!

Terms and Conditions

  1. -The participants must be between 18 and 35 years old.

-Only one entry (upload of voice) will be accepted.

  1. -During first time registration, the candidates must furnish their -disability certificate obtained from a competent authority and their 10th standard marksheet to ensure they are qualified to be a part of the competition.

-The song should be hindi. It can be a ghazal, filmy or non-filmy song.

  1. -This is a light music competition so please do avoid classical music.

-Food and accommodation will be provided to the finalists.

  1. -Travelling allowances will not provided.
  2. -The interested participants should upload their voice only on the following link www.radioudaan.com/register-udaanidol

-The decision of the judges will be final .

-No registration fee will be charged from any participants .

For further details contact:

Mr. Sanjeev Raju 9814040207

  • Mr. Danish Mahajan 09463668196.
  • Mrs. Minal Singhvi 08886523455.
  • Mr. Saif Rehman 09350803993..
  • Mr. Puneet Soni 09780238512