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AMC, panchayats frantically hunt for wheelchairs 10.11.2022

AHMEDABAD: Of late, many officials of the AMC and of some district panchayats from western Ahmedabad are inquiring about wheelchairs.

The reason is that the Election Commission of India has directed that every polling station have one wheelchair and an attendant to assist those with disabilities. There are 21 assembly seats in Ahmedabad of which 16 are located in urban areas and five in rural areas. The city has 5,599 polling stations of which 4,391 are in urban areas and the remaining 1,208 in rural areas.

The responsibility of providing wheelchairs and attendants for eight constituencies in the eastern parts of the city has been assigned to the AMC. For eight constituencies in the west, district panchayats have to provide wheelchairs. The authorities are in a fix as they don’t have wheelchairs. As of now, officials are trying to look for spare wheelchairs from local hospitals and clinics. However, if they don’t manage to find a sufficient number of wheelchairs, they will have to procure some.