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GIM roped in for revamp of welfare schemes for persons with disabilities (Education & Counselling) 2

Panaji: The office of the state commissioner for persons with disabilities has requested the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) to review existing schemes for the welfare of persons with disabilities in the state. There are around 20 schemes, a majority of which are offered by the social welfare department.

Meetings were held with representatives from the department of social welfare and GIM, along with representatives of the disability rights association of Goa (DRAG) and the commission.
“We have received the proposal and scope of work from GIM and sent it to the government for approval. The project will involve in-depth research,” commissioner Guruprasad Pawaskar told TOI.
“There are several good schemes for persons with disabilities including the Dayanand Social Security Scheme, but there are others that have very few takers and need to be reviewed. The team will have to find out whether any old schemes need to be scrapped. It will also study the successful schemes in other states like Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry and see which can be implemented here,” he said.

Goa, he said, pays the highest pension for persons with disability in the country, and those with 90% disability receive Rs 3,500 a month.
Interestingly, some schemes are so old that the terminology used, such as ‘mental retardation’ and ‘disabled persons’, are frowned upon today.