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Children’s commission recommends admission to child with disability 18.10.21 (Advocacy)

Panaji: The Commission for Protection of Child Rights has recommended that the directorate of education intervene and ensure admission of a child with disability within a week by discussing the matter with the parents.

“Directorate of education will initiate educational monitoring information system for children with disabilities which will capture geographic allocation, types of disabilities, educational needs, proximity to facilities and other indicators so as to enable and plan for inclusion,” the commission stated in its inquiry report on October 5.
“This will help identify barriers, plan for more facilities and avoid such instances where the children with disability face mental trauma of being made to wait or denied admission due to improper planning and facilities allocation by the state,” the commission stated.
It has sought an action taken report from the directorate of education within one month.

The complaint stated that a Sakhali-based school didn’t admit a student with cerebral palsy locomotor disability.
Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG) welcomed the commission’s decision, calling it a path-breaking order towards inclusive education.
However, it expressed its displeasure over the time taken to dispose the matter as the commission took three months, as a result of which the child had to lose one term of his education.
DRAG demanded that cases related to children and persons with disability should be disposed off on priority basis by various commissions and courts, including the high court.
The parents received a call from the assistant director of education ,North Goa, saying the school has no facilities for children with disabilities, and hence admission can’t be granted.
After the child’s name didn’t appear on the admission list, the parents approached the directorate of education but received no respite, they informed the commission. They then approached the commission.
The school denied the allegations, and stated that it has a capacity of 40 students in a class and one division each from Class V to X, and that it received an overwhelming response from students where 80 applied for Class V where the present capacity is only 40.
The school stated that it followed criteria of first-come, first-serve basis, gender balance and priority to next siblings, and also stated that the parents did not produce certificate of disability, nor informed about disability of the student at the time of admission.
The school added that due to huge pendency of applications, it applied for additional class for standard 5th from the current academic year in an application dated May 26 to the director of education, and also informed that if approved, they will admit all students on waiting list, including the child.