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Showroom with 5D VR for disabled people (Special Service) 20.9.2021

Thiruvananthapuram: An exclusive showroom for assistive devices for disabled persons which is coming up at Poojapura will have a 5D virtual reality experience facility. Kerala state handicapped persons welfare corporation is implementing the project at a cost of Rs 68 lakh.

The officials said the showroom will provide the equipment for the disabled persons at a cost comparatively lesser than private companies.
The equipment will be available for 21 categories of disabilities. The project management consultancy is Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company Limited and it will be completed in a total budget of 3.18 crore.
Officials are also intending to launch an online portal to sell this equipment as well as things manufactured by people with disabilities such as umbrellas, paper pens, and other items.

The portal will also provide all relevant information about a product, including its dimensions and other characteristics.
The equipment can be customized according to the needs and the officials at the showroom will also train people on how to use it.
The showroom will also have lifts and restrooms designed specifically for those with disabilities, a project official said.
“The majority of the showrooms will not include accessibility features that allow handicapped people to access all areas of the showroom. In this showroom, we are constructing it according to the convenience of disabled persons. People will be able to travel and visit destinations just by sitting in a room with the help of 5D virtual reality. This will make them feel that they have actually visited the place. Our aim is to bring more facilities for these people,” the official said.
The construction of the showroom that is coming up near the head office at Poojappura has been delayed due to the pandemic. It will take around a year to complete this project.
The equipment for the showroom will be supplied by different companies and a few by Upakarana Unit, Parassala.