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Ahmedabad hosts first-of-its-kind swimming competition for children with disabilities (Sports and Ad

Hydro therapist Amal Upadhyay is conducting a swimming competition for children with disabilities in Ahmedabad. This first-of-its-kind event is hosted by Amal who has trained over 600 children with disabilities in his career span of over fifteen years.

Swimming does wonders for children with disabilities. A trained hydro therapist who can guide them is going to be of immense help to the child. Amal Upadhyay, a hydro therapist from Ahmedabad, has been teaching swimming for children with disabilities since the past 15 years. He has held various camps across India for children with autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities too. He is all set to host a swimming competition today on 5 October at the famous Rifle Club for children with disabilities, first-of-its-kind in the city.

Over 35 children have already registered for the event that will start at 12 pm. Amal hopes that the competition will help to create an awareness about disabilities, remove misconceptions and also promote young talents. Children from age of five to seventeen will take part in the competition.

This youngster hopes that more parents will become aware of the therapeutic effects of water. "For children with ADHD, their energy levels gets channelized and hyper behaviour is controlled when they swim. For other children, swimming helps to increase attention span and physical problems get rectified as well. I hope that the government will also step in to make things easier for me", says Amal, who is also training children to participate in Special Olympics.

Amal is convinced of the healing powers of swimming, and has trained over 600 children with disabilities. Amal hopes that his latest swimming competition will catch the attention of government officials who can reach out to him so that more children and parents will come to know about benefits of swimming. "My eleven year old son has autism and cerebral palsy. He has been learning swimming from the age of five and it has done wonders to him. We are really looking forward for this event", says Zeba Hashmi, parent of child with multiple disabilities. Contact Amal at +91 99784-12863.