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Disabled students of Panjab University find no mention (Advocacy & Lobbying)

 CHANDIGARH: The differently abled students of Panjab University (PU) are upset with all political parties for not highlighting any of their problems or demands in their manifestos or promises. Rimpi, a differently abled student in the department of public administration, said: "The student council gets elected every year, but none of the members or parties have ever raised any issue specifically related to the vulnerable section such as the disabled." Rimpi had led a protest of disabled students earlier this session to demand for a better functioning of the equal opportunity cell (EOC) for persons with disabilities at PU. She said it was because all student unions have always forgotten to highlight their issues that they had come out on their own without approaching them. She said: "The parties don't talk about making campus disabled-friendly or providing facilities for the disabled in the library or hostels. The disabled students used to face harassment when they would come to PU for admissions because the cell catering to their needs was lying defunct. We, on our own, led protests for university to act on it two months ago." A visually impaired student at PU said the university authorities never took their concerns into consideration while organizing voting on the campus, forcing disabled students to give up on the idea of voting every year.