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Hindi Scan to Speech Reading Software (Assistive Technology)

We are  informed by Sparsh product Dehradun about release of  Hindi Scan to Speech reading software.


The software has been developed keeping in mind the features which been missing till now. It's main feature are given below:

·         Has inbuilt Hindi OCR which provides the output in Unicode text and has high recognition accuracy

·         Adjust the reading speed and volume as per your requirement.

·         Navigation: We can navigate the text between sentence and paragraph mode.

·         Voices: Comes with Lekha voice as standard. Neel voice is available separately as well.

·         Import: You can even open doc, docx, rtf, pdf, jpg and png files as well. It supports image pdf only.

·         Saving: You can save your recognized text as text file, word file, pdf file, wav file or copy to the clipboard

·         Audio Book Creation: You can create audio books in Hindi. Just select the voice,  reading speed and it can create a single file of all the pages or a separate file for each page.

If you have a Hindi word file just open the file and you can read it in the software or create it's audio book as well.

·         Low Vision Features: The text can be viewed in more than 20 colour combinations and have a zoom level of 80x.

·         Full Screen Mode: While reading switch press 'F' to switch to full screen mode which is comfortable for a low vision user to easily see the text on screen.

·         Recognition: Recognize current page or all pages.

·         Scanning: Select the scanner source and you can scan a single page or select continuous scanning mode for scanning multiple pages.


New License Pricing:

Hindi Scan to speech with Lekha voice: Rs. 16,000/-

Hindi Scan to speech with Lekha & Neel voice: Rs. 19,000/-


Upgrade Pricing

Existing users of Hindi OCR can upgrade at a price of Rs. 10,000/-.


In case of any query or information required please contact Mr. Abhinav,  Sparsh Products Mob: 9837088334  www.sparshbraille.com