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Goa gets it's 1st restaurant with hydraulic lift for wheelchair users (Physical Accessibility)

One more reason to visit Goa with a restaurant in Taleigao, near capital Panjim installing a hydraulic lift. Called Peep Kitchen, the owners are out to attract the widest possible clientele.

Peep Kitchen likes to call itself a popular restaurant in Goa and there's no denying it has a reputation for some great food and service. What makes it an even better place is the desire to attract as many customers as possible.

It was this that led the owners of Peep Kitchen to take a relook at the infrastructure they had in place. They realised that the stairs at the entrance were a hindrance for elderly and disabled people, particularly wheelchair users who wanted to enjoy the food.

That led to the move to instal a hydraulic lift that would allow patrons to enter without asking for help to enjoy the delicacies and lovely ambience. Now, its not just locals who are crowding here but tourists too.

Peep Kitchen located in Taliegao, has now become the first restaurant in Goa that has a hydraulic lift for a complete accessible experience.

“Ours is a family restaurant and we love to host large family get-togethers", says Amey Naik, who is the co-founder of Peep Kitchen. "We had always wanted to add inclusion to the venue to make it more convenient and comfortable for the visitors. Customers are happy and love the lift and the appreciation that we are getting is worth the effort we made. For us, customer satisfaction comes first.

The hydraulic lift has been has been installed with the help of a Mumbai-based engineer and it takes people in wheelchairs from the ground up to the entrance. The hydraulic lift works on a mechanism that is simple yet effective.